Monday, 5 November 2018

Truthology - A Matrix of Lies

By Gi Linda --

Mark Darwin, a professional “wealth creator,” and mortgage broker Adrian Brennock claimed to be “freemen” or “sovereign citizens" to whom, they believed, Australia’s laws do not apply. 

Adrian Brennock hides under the anonymity of pseudonyms "Mr X" or "AB" - "Andrew Brennon". Although claiming to be a plumber by trade, ASIC records show that until 2018 he was director of “Your Wealth Advisor,” a Gold Coast mortgage and loan brokerage.

From 2013-16  Mark Darwin published a  website “Truthology”  that was removed after an associated land-share scam was exposed. 
Screenshot of Truthology website before removal in 2016
Truthology website, 2015
From 2014 until 2016,  Darwin and Brennock advertised a tax avoidance advisory service, held public meetings in major cities and sponsored annual events called “Freedom Summits,” where they solicited funds to establish “Bhula Bhula Community Village”. 

They appealed to "future thinking alternative communities to become eco home owners -  respect the planet and make a wise property investment..."

“Selected” investors, mostly young families, were invited by Darwin and Brennock to provide their life-savings in supposed exchange for shared ownership of the Mt Burrell property.

Byron Echo advertisement -- selling home-sites without development approval

"Together in Harmony"


"Wealth Creator" Mark Darwin
During 2014-15, Mark Darwin told potential investors that development approval was in process, and shared ownership of Mt Burrell properties would be established through membership in an Incorporated Association called “Together in Harmony”.
Adrian Brennock,"AB"
Loan Broker Adrian Brennock,"AB"

Trust was betrayed when Adrian Brennock paid for the property using investors' funds, buying the land through his private company, Wollumbin Horizons Pty Ltd, that was trading as a fake trust, "Bhula Bhula Village Community Trust,” being purported “trustee” of another unexecuted trust, "Bhula Bhula Community Village Trust”.

Co-ownership of the estate was not transferred by Brennock to members of the Incorporated Association, as promised. Trust Deeds were not signed and no asset was ever transferred to the fake trusts.

Brennock appointed himself director of the company, issued himself a sole $1 shareholding and claimed personal ownership of title to the 640 acre agricultural property at 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell, that had been paid for by 21 defrauded investors in exchange for promised co-ownership.

Deceived by sophistry and the mendacity of "Truthology", "future thinking ethical investors" who parted with hard-earned wealth to bring the dream to life, were  suddenly re-defined as "contributors" to "Bhula Bhula Community" being supposed "Unit Holders” in a pseudo trust with no assets -- owners of nothing. 

Bank records and emails show that Brennock registered a mortgage over the property on July 30, 2015, at the same time as payment was made for the property.

An adjoining commercial property at Mt Burrell, including Sphinx Rock Cafe, shops, a servo and a caravan park, was also purchased privately using investors’ designated funds, loans and superannuation payments that were held in trust by "community lawyer," Wroth Wall, Wall & Co, with promised co-ownership of property denied.

Sphinx Rock Cafe, Mt Burrell
Sphinx Rock Cafe, Mt Burrell
Mt Burrell land-share scam
Failed Marketing Promises

Fraudulent Mortgage

On June 7, 2017, Adrian Brennock, acting as an unregistered loan broker, executed a second mortgage of $1,225,000 over the property at 3222 Kyogle Rd, Mt Burrell.

Brennock then loaned the equity to his partner in "unconventional business", mortgagor Phillip Dixon, under condition that Brennock, as mortgagee, would obtain land title by receiving first right to a "registered mortgage over the mortgaged land".
Mortgagor Phillip Dixon

With promised “vendor finance” provided by the mortgagee, an undated contract for sale of the property for $2,225,000, a million over market value, was signed between mortgagee Adrian Brennock and mortgagor Phillip Dixon, co-director with Peter van Lieshout of Mt Warning Eco Village / Nightcap Village, causing evident loss to all defrauded investors.

On July 4, 2017, one month after Brennock executed the mortgage--loan agreement to remove equity from the land,  Brennock assigned the company Wollumbin Horizons to liquidation with Steven Staatz of Vincents Chartered Accountants, on a “presumption” of insolvency.

The proposed land sale is therefore a "phoenix action," as defined by ASIC, intended to defeat liabilities with transfer of the land asset to a different company operating the same business of selling home-sites without development approval.

Although impartial justice would restore co-proprietary rights to all defrauded investors who paid purchase money for the property, Vincents’ liquidator, Steven Staatz, refused to recognize objections that land title was acquired fraudulently by Brennock.

Favored investors were promised their lost life savings would be fully refunded if they agreed to vote for voluntary liquidation, allowing sale of the company's land asset back to Brennock.
 Liquidator Staatz also advised contingent creditors that it would be in their "best interest" to vote for his receivership of the company, anticipating that sale of the land back to Brennock for $1 million above market value would be settled by December 6, 2017.
Voting for their own demise, all except four investors agreed to voluntary administration, in detrimental reliance on the false promises made by Darwin and Staatz.
By December 2017 the contract for $2.225 million was not fulfilled.

A year later in 2018, the supposed contract has not been completed. Brennock continues insolvent trading, using a tour bus to sell pre-DA home-sites in “NightCap Village,” including property belonging to Peter van Lieshout and the property in dispute.

Meanwhile, defrauded investors who have been denied justice must defend their rights on December 4th, 2018, at Brisbane Federal Court, in a four-day hearing that will expose the dark underbelly of the beastly fraud.

"Truth is turned away"



  1. What was the outcome of the court case in December referred to above?

  2. The outcome was that the silly old twat Gillian Linda Norman and her sidekick didn't even show up....she KNOWS she was in the wrong from the outset and now fears the very real threat of being sued for every cent she hasn't got.

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  4. UPDATE:
    On Friday 17 May 2019 the DA was finally lodged with the Consent Authority and Tweed Shire Council.

    Not surprisingly, Gi Linda and her band of foolish followers HAVE been PROVEN to be liars.

  5. Today is the big day....the old bat and her lying, forging cronies WILL be exposed well and truly by the end of the week......

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